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Well last night sucked. Writing this in the early morning because I know by noon I’ll be unable to form a sentence. My new medication pump (well I should say the remote) woke me up five times between midnight and 6am. To be accurate it didn’t technically wake me up each time because sometimes I hadn’t managed to fall back asleep yet but you know what I mean.

  • Occlusion (unlikely)
  • Pump battery low (bs, it had 50% still)
  • Move pump closer to infusion site (total bs)
  • Occlusion (unlikely)
  • Move pump closer to infusion site (bs again)

So yeah. Not a happy camper, here. After the first two alarms I turned off all my Bluetooth stuff again in case there was interference but it obviously made no difference. SIGH.

Perhaps I’m doomed to never get a solid night of sleep again. We’ll see what Nurse Sarah has to say. I sent screenshots of each alarm so we have a paper trail of fail.

Also my dose of Remodulin is slightly higher now because of math so it’s affecting my stomach and causing more headaches. That’s temporary but not fun on top of poor sleep.


Maybe I’ll rewatch the third season of Succession today. Or restart Breaking Bad. I dunno. I’ll probably just listen to my podcasts all day with my eyes closed. Started a good one last night: The Teacher’s Pet

Season 5 of Something Was Wrong was a mixed bag. The first half of the season was a bit dull and I ended up skipping some episodes but then the second half — Rachel’s story — was gripping: growing up in a culty “church” with abusive parents. Started season six last night. A good catfishing story and a super-scary weirdo-predator story. Yikes.

Also yesterday I knit a few more inches of Henry’s sweater, stitched a few more circles on my blackwork sampler (got all the yellow out of the way as I knew it would be annoying to stitch yellow designs on white canvas), and started watching Fake or Fortune on the iPlayer. Oh, I also caught up on Happy Valley. Damn it’s a fine show!

Em, Chloe, and Mom all received their Christmas presents and seemed very happy. Em FaceTimed me and was so sweet and enthusiastic about everything I sent — handmade rainbow joggers, three bottles of sparkly nail polish, and the YA edition of Radium Girls. She told me with great pride that she could guess that a book about girls who glowed in the dark would be about radiation and said she couldn’t wait to start reading. *whew* I wasn’t sure if she’d graduated from her beloved Pete the Cat books yet but I took a chance. Lol.

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