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Awoken twice in the night by bogus Remunity pump alarms. One was LOW BATTERY, which turned out to be at 85%. The other was MOVE PUMP CLOSER TO INFUSION SITE, which, as stated before, is utter nonsense. But, this morning UPS dropped off a whole new set of pumps and remotes. Charged them up, paired them, got one going. Then did nothing but blackwork for the rest of the day. It’s so addicting! I keep thinking, I’ll stop after this circle and do something else… and then I just keep going. It’s satisfying to see the little geometric patterns coming together and filling out.

Wanna hear something stupid? My new pumps assume you are filling them with a certain amount of meds (2.2ml) that will last 70 hours. (don’t get me started on how stupid THAT is. Think about it.)

However, I need to change every 48 hours because of my adhesive allergy. So the pharmacy told me to put in 1.5 ml. But there is NO WAY to tell the pump that I’m putting in a smaller volume of meds. There’s literally no way. 2.2ml is hard-coded. So, it thinks I have almost three days worth of meds when in fact I have 48 hours. I hope. I can’t actually see how much is in the pump. So… I hope I measured correctly.

Luckily I’m smart enough to use a calendar and alarms to remind me when 48 hours are up so it doesn’t really matter. But… wow. Who signed off on THAT?

Did you figure out why filling a pump with 70 hours of medication is so stupid? People who put in 2.2 ml at 4pm one day need to change at 2pm the next time, then noon, then 10am, etc. Nurse says, when it gets to be too early in the morning, you do it the night before and start the whole countdown over again. Oh. My. God. You’d never be able to plan your life AT ALL. I’m glad my stupid adhesive allergy means I can just have a nice steady regular 48-hour plan.

So tired. Went to bed at 5pm. It’s still only 6. Ugh.

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  1. Kathy

    That’s horrible. Yes, you’re justified in being mad about it. What a ridiculous idea. You don’t want your *entire* life to revolve around the dang thing.

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