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Writing this at 7:50am. Awake since 3:45am, when my pump alarm went off. Bogus, again. Lay there awake waiting for the next alarm. When it went off I tried again to sleep but was too wired and anxious, so I got up and did all the dishes.

My pumps have an internal battery that’s supposed to be replaced once a year, so the specialty pharmacy had sent me a couple yesterday, in case the new set of pumps also gave me trouble, so now I’ve replaced THOSE.

Why do the bogus alarms only happen at night? Well, one happened in the afternoon once, but only once. All the others have been between midnight and 7am. Why, why, why.

I’m a wreck. I need to trust this equipment to keep me alive. United Theraputics, you suck at product design and reliability.

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