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Alarms in the night again. But all before 2am so I was able to go back to sleep each time. But then I had a ton of infusion site pain and stomach issues so I was up at 5am anyway. But then I dozed off on the sofa and went back to bed and slept for an hour. So yeah. I’m basically ok today. I’m tired of complaining about my pump alarms waking me up so here’s what we’re gonna do. You just assume that my pump wakes me up several times every night and I’ll tell you if it DOESN’T. Sigh. I’ve found contact info for United Theraputics so maybe I’ll call them on Monday, though that sounds like a miserable exercise in frustration.

I figured something out today. Our fruit, which we leave on the counter, goes bad really fast. REALLY fast, like we can’t leave an apple out for more than a week before it starts going wrinkly. In summer, sure, that’s what I’d expect, but in winter? In winter I’m used to being able to leave fruit out for weeks and weeks.

Today I realized that I’ve lived my entire life in houses that, in winter, are like 65° in the daytime and a lot colder at night. But Dave likes to keep the house at 70°! Our fruit thinks it’s summer all year! Lol! So I have just put the fruit bowl into the fridge.

Forgot to say last night I made a big bowl of very cheesy mashed potatoes for dinner — seriously, they were almost more cheese than potatoes — and I ate about half of them last night and the other half cold for breakfast this morning. Ate a nice big salad for lunch, some fruit and chocolate for snacks, and now I’m cooking some polenta and I’ll sauté some peppers and onions to put on it.

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