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I woke up at about 5:30am wondering why my pump remote hadn’t woken me up that night with false alarms, and then awakened myself completely by analyzing the situation. Lol, thanks brain.

One thing was different — I usually wear my apple watch all night because it checks my heart rate and blood oxygenation several times and sends a record to my phone, and I sleep with my hands tucked under my pillow with my pump remote nearby, but last night I forgot to take my watch off the charger and wear it. Now… it certainly is an interesting coincidence. But I’ve had my watch and pump remote in close proximity for hours and hours in the daytime with no false alarms, so I’m not counting on this being the solution. I’ll leave my watch off again tonight and see what happens. It’s a possibility at least, and I’m clutching at straws.

Anyway I was up BRIGHT AND EARLY to take care of the clutter before the house cleaners came, and had to take a nap at 9am. Slept for a whole hour and then felt pretty ok for the rest of the day. House cleaners came at 1 so now the house is all clean and nice again. Though I made a stir fry for dinner and smoked the place up so it doesn’t smell quite as nice as it did when they left. Oops. It wasn’t even a fabulous stir fry. I overcooked some of the veggies, distracted by the shrieking of the smoke alarms, and undercooked the rice. Oh well, it was edible and put nutrition and calories into me.

We have finished all the peppermint bark I made over Christmas, but I still have a box of candy canes so all I need is some more chocolate and I can make another big batch. Peppermint bark: it isn’t just for Christmas!

I’ve finished sixty-five percent of my one hundred circles sampler! All the red, purple, violet, orange, and yellows are done. Now I’ve got the beautiful blues and greens remaining. Yes I did it that way on purpose. Blues and greens for dessert. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a good photo. The sun is supposed to come out.

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