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Good news and bad news. No false alarms in the night with my Apple watch on the dock instead of my wrist. (But there was one at 7:30am when I was already awake.) However, I had a terrible night anyway. Dave’s back was hurting when he came to bed (I was already asleep) and his moaning and groaning and snoring woke me up and I lay there for two hours before falling back asleep. And then I had to get up three times to pee, and had unquenchable thirst, and stomach issues, and a variety of pain, and my brain was hypervigilant, expecting BEEP BEEP BEEP at any second, so every tiny noise woke me up through my ear plugs.

And the bad news is that I was unable to trigger a false alarm in the daytime. This is bad news because it proves my hypothesis wrong. I strapped the pump’s remote to my wrist to keep it near my watch all day. I started an infusion site in the middle of a big patch of scar tissue (from stabbing myself with a needle every other day for six years) in case scar tissue was clogging things up. (I also have a scar-free site started for nighttime, just in case it IS a problem, and that’s why I’m having intense pain at night. This medication is so vile that it causes horrible, unspeakable pain while your body gets used to it. Old scarred site is used to it; new unscarred site is not)

Tonight I’ll sleep in guest room for real, if only to eliminate Dave’s moaning and groaning and snoring until my brain chills out and learns to sleep through it again. Maybe, magically, there will be no false alarms. Maybe.

So today I mostly cried and ate.

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  1. Soozan

    I start every day reading about how you’re doing and sending you love ??

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