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Sunday morning

No alarms last night! Current hypothesis: the CPAP’s RF interference was the main problem, and the Saturday night alarm was a genuine occlusion alarm, which occurred because I was using a scarred old infusion site. Now I’ve begun starting two separate infusion sites. A comfy old scarred one for daytime and a painful new one for night. Why is the scarring only a problem at night? Gravity? Or the fact that I sleep without moving very much? I’m careful not to sleep on the side that has the current site. Oh well, the “why” doesn’t matter much I guess, as long as I can SLEEP.

My sleep, since I’m still hypervigilant, is not stellar, but it’s tolerable and should get better if I’ve actually solved the False Alarm Problem.

The new thing I’m freaked out about is how low my oxygen saturation is. It got very low while I was sick and coughing for a month, and then my pulse oximeter died so I couldn’t test for a few weeks. Just got a new one and… oh dear. I don’t FEEL like I’m in the low-to-mid 80s at rest, but that’s what it says. And dropping to mid 70s when I walk from room to room. Tested Dave and he was high 90s, as he should be, so it’s not malfunctioning equipment.

So… I think I need to do my stupid boring little exercises regularly even though it’s scary. And I need to take stupid short slow little walks. That should strengthen my heart a little, maybe? I did three of my exercises yesterday and took a three-minute walk out in the fresh air. Will try very hard to do the same today.

I weigh 105 again and my face is nice and round! I cooked a beautiful little veggie cottage pie again yesterday and ate half. This one was super colorful because I used purple onion, yellow beets, orange carrots, green peas, and white leeks. It was so pretty! And also delicious.

I’ll write up my recipe and post it separately…

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