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Nurse Sarah has a theory that maybe there’s not enough subcutaneous fat on my thighs, where I have my sub-q sites, and it’s confusing the pump. It’s not a terrible theory… but why is it a problem only at night?

She says I should be able to “pinch an inch” of fat and skin, and suggested starting a site on my abdomen. However, I have no more than 5/8” of pinchable fat anywhere on my abdomen. The absolute thickest fat I have (and it’s still not an inch) is on my thighs, which is the spot I use. I suggested switching to an infusion set that jams the needle in at an angle, so we can try to keep the catheter in the fat layer. She’s gonna order some of those for me. She has still not heard back from the manufacturer about this problem.

So tired and kinda low. Big fatigue and lots of pain today. I skipped my exercises but I did bundle up and go outside for a very slow, short walk. Was out there for 6 1/2 minutes but had to take a rest twice so maybe five minutes of actual walking?

Ate lots. Blintz for breakfast, salad and refried beans and cheese for lunch, the rest of my cottage pie for dinner, and I’m about to go get another dish of beans and cheese and tomatoes for a bedtime snack.

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