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Sunday morning

Ok, pain level has dropped from “agonizing” to merely “severe” so I can form sentences again lol.

Yeah, so that’s what happens when you start a new Remodulin infusion site in an area that’s not used to it. Pain beyond imagining. So it’s back to comfy old scarred-up sites for me, thank you very much. I’d rather be woken up by false alarms at night than go through that pain.

Since the false alarms only happen at night, maybe it’s because I sleep without moving? And somehow that plus my scar tissue confuses the pump? I dunno, I’m grasping at straws here. Last night, every time I woke up a little bit I wriggled and kicked the leg with the infusion site, to stir things up. And had zero alarms. Probably coincidence, but I’ll keep doing that until it proves pointless.

Dave has just left to work in the Bay Area for a week or two, BOO! But I’ll be ok. Going to try very hard not to have any emergency room visits while he’s gone. *eyeroll*

Oh! I discovered the most amazing app! I keep my TV and movie collection on an external hard drive that’s plugged into my laptop on the coffee table. What I wanted was to be able to magically stream media from there to my iPad or iPhone while I’m in bed. So I searched (I don’t use google anymore; switched to Duck Duck Go) and discovered VLC Streamer Pro. ($5) There’s a free version so you can test it. Omg it JUST WORKS. You install a free helper app on your computer (mac, pc, maybe linux too), make sure all your devices are on the same network, and bingo, you’re streaming your media!

Once in a while the video gets stuck, but a quick quit-and-restart fixes it. No big deal. I believe the app copies the file to your device as it encodes it, so you don’t need to wait through buffering again.

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