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Pain levels back to normal. *whew*

Pump woke me up twice in the night. I’m getting used to it so it doesn’t spike my anxiety so much anymore and I was able to get back to sleep both times, though I was up for a long time at the 2am alarm because I had to unclip the Silhouette infusion connector and couldn’t get it re-clipped, which meant I had to start a new site (back to the Quick-Set infusion connector, they’re easier to manage) which meant I had to do the entire pump refill because you can’t prime the tubing a second time with Remunity. You have no idea what I’m talking about, probably, but someone might find this post, someday, and glean helpful info. Anyway I was up for a while, and very sleepy today. But I got my return boxes dropped off at UPS and ate an ENTIRE veggie burrito for lunch!

Went back to bed around 2pm, just too tired to stay up. Had a short actual nap and then just zoned out in bed with my devices silent for the rest of the day hoping, and failing, to sleep some more. Knitted a lot — nearly ready for the short rows on the back of Henry’s cardigan. Tomorrow for sure.

Oh man, VLC Streamer Pro is my new best friend. I’ve been rewatching comfy old stuff, alternating between the third season of Succession, the 8th season of Taskmaster, and the Dahmer miniseries.

Ate the last of a tub of tzatziki, an apple, and a hunk of cheese for dinner. Real cooking tomorrow I hope.

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