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Maybe I’m finally recovering from that Christmas Coughing Virus? Last night wasn’t great for sleep but I had an unusual amount of energy today anyway, and it felt a little bit easier to move from room to room and use my body.

Had a lazy lie-in and then I got UP and got the roomba started on the living room (god that robot is dumb) and then I cooked THREE THINGS! I made a batch of egg noodles so I can make yummy noodle soup soon, tomorrow maybe, since Henry is planning to come over and work-from-my-home to keep me company. Then I made a batch of flour tortillas, since I already had the stand mixer and dough hook out (oh lordy I love our new Kitchenaid tilt-head stand mixer). I hope the tortillas turned out ok. The first one was bad and dry and cracker-like, but the first one is always bad while you get the skillet temperature right. The pan has to to be just hot enough to cook them quickly, so they don’t dry out, but not so hot they burn. I haven’t made tortillas in several years so… we’ll see. They rest of the batch seemed soft and pleasant. I tried a few bites of the cracker-y one and it seemed awfully salty. Well, it was worth a try and I’ll be brave enough to try one tomorrow maybe. Ha.

And then I made a little mini veggie cottage pie! I noticed we had a bag of Trader Joe’s mixed frozen veggies (peas, green beans, corn, carrots), so that plus a small onion was exactly right to fill my skillet. That was dinner. Yum yum yum.

After I was done cooking, I went out on the porch and did my little exercises in the cool damp air. It was a little bit too rainy for a walk, but I got some good fresh air anyway.

Then I sat on the sofa and listened to my audiobook and knitted Henry’s cardigan. I got the short row shaping done on the body back, so tomorrow it’ll be time to join the sleeves to the body and start the yoke! Exciting! Audiobook is the second of Betty MacDonald’s memoirs, “Anyone Can Do Anything”. I didn’t know she had four memoirs! I’ve only ever read the first one, “The Egg and I”, but when I went looking for it on Scribd last week I found all four, yay! Not as good as Egg, but few books are.

About 4:00 it was suddenly time to head towards bed. It’s funny, it’s not like it suddenly becomes actual bedtime in the afternoon; sleep doesn’t happen for hours yet, but I get to the end of my ability to be “up” and I need my cozy bed and my pillow and my evening entertainment. Last night I finished season 3 of Succession — oh man, I’d forgotten the siblings’ Big Move and Tom’s betrayal! Absolutely cannot wait for season 4.

Tonight I’ve been finishing my rewatch of Dahmer (Had to skip the Tony episode though) and now that it’s Bedtime Proper I will switch to Taskmaster so I can try to avoid murdery nightmares.

I noticed myself gasping for air again last night, which is frustrating because that hasn’t happened in a long while, even while I was sick (granted, I didn’t sleep for coughing…) but then tonight it occurred to me to move my oxygen concentrator out of its usual home in the guest room, which is now my anti-snoring sleeping zone! Silly goose. It’s sucking the oxygen out of the air and giving it to me but then I’m also breathing the leftover depleted air. So I dragged it into the hall and opened the window wide. Gimme all the cold fresh rainy air. Sleeping in the anti-snoring zone also means I can have all the cold air I want without freezing my Englishman. :D

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