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No alarms last night, which makes two nights in a row. Have I solved it, or will there be five alarms tonight? I’m on tenterhooks! But I need my brain to just chill, sleep, and accept whatever happens.

Slept nice and late, 8:30am, and no gasping for air so moving my concentrator did the trick. Even though I had a good sleep it was rather a Tired Day but that’s understandable after all the things I did yesterday. Henry came over and hung out for a few hours while he worked, which was so nice. We’re good at being quiet together. He did some chores for me (Clean sheet on my bed! All the trash emptied! And more!) and I made blintzes for breakfast and noodle soup for lunch, which he loved. He said “no notes” and took most of the leftovers home for his girls! That made me so happy *heart eyes*

I knitted and knitted and knitted. The body and sleeves of his cardigan are joined and I’m working my way up the yoke! Have just finished the second set of short rows, and tomorrow I’ll begin the yoke decreases.

No exercise (other than cooking) today. I needed a break.

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