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Two alarms in the night. Oh well. So be it.

Made excellent chocolate chip cookies this morning and ran a load of laundry, then went up to OHSU for pulmonology appointment (Dr. Jeff Robinson) at noon. Nothing new. He can still hear gunk in my lungs from the great coughing virus but it’ll clear up eventually. No edema. He’s thrilled that I got my appetite back and have gained weight! I’m 107 today, which is NINE POUNDS more than when I was thinnest! My o2 sats are still low but he says to keep doing my little walks and exercises.

When I got home and parked I decided to wear myself out completely by taking a tiny walk, as long as I was already outside with my walker. Walked slowly for five minutes. Better than nothing, and I’d already stood for a long time while baking and also walked a bit from car to doctor and back.

Now I’m plum worn out. It’s 6pm and I’m trying to stay awake till at least 9pm, so I’m watching stuff, listening to stuff, and knitting etc. Have started the raglan yoke decreases on Henry’s cardigan. Started season 4 of Taskmaster. Watching American Hustle now, for a change.

Dave has been in California for five days but it feels like forever, argh. The quiet is nice, but I miss the way he potters around the house like Pooh Bear.

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