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No alarms last night, but I had one (the totally bogus, absolutely a lie kind) at about 8:30 this morning, which is exactly what I expected to happen when I began doing the battery change and pump self-test at bedtime; I hypothesized that whatever is wrong with the pump’s brain tends to happen at ~X hours after SOMETHING, and there are not many options as to what the something can be. Moving the something forward by several hours should move the errors forward by several hours. Is a battery change and self-test the something? More data is required.

Woke up three times in the night to pee. Argh. I’ve been taking half of my diuretics in the afternoon because I hate needing to pee every twenty minutes all morning, but I guess waking up all night is worse, so I’ve switched them back to the morning. Good times.

Physical therapist Kristina came over for my intake appointment this afternoon, and it was great! I mean, mostly we just went over my medical history, but also my goals (more endurance, more strength) and she tested my various big muscles to see where I’m starting. And she gave me a few more leg-strengthening exercises to add to my other stupid boring little exercises. She was super nice. She or someone on her team will come over once a week for a couple months to check on my progress, give guidance, etc. That will keep me motivated because they will know if I slack off.

Even with my very minimal efforts at exercise over the last week or so I’m noticing a positive change. I no longer need my walker to go from room to room. I’ve got a little bit of strength back in my legs and I’m not so shaky.

I watched the first two episodes of the new Australian version of Taskmaster but it was bad, very bad. It felt like everyone was trying really hard to be funny, which made it not funny at all. It felt scripted. The hosts have no charisma or banter. I don’t know what the heck the audience was laughing at, which makes me think it was canned laughter. Anyway. Two episodes were enough. Jen recommended the Norwegian version and I found two full seasons on YouTube so that is a treat for Knitting Time tomorrow, since I can knit and read subtitles at the same time.

Now I need to go find Second Dinner. First Dinner was just cottage cheese and Rotkohl, so Second Dinner needs to be somewhat more substantial. And I just got terribly thirsty, oh no, I’ll be up all night again! Must hydrate EARLIER tomorrow.

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