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No alarms! And I realized, when I was putting in my freshly-charged battery last night, that the other day when I did get an alarm I had probably put in a battery that wasn’t at 100%. So I still have hope that my current solution might actually be working. And I only woke up once, due to icky night sweats, so I felt pretty darn ok today! Went to Safeway first thing (closer and easier than Trader Joe’s, though twice as expensive) and restocked my veggie supply, got more juice, got lots of lemon Noosa yogurt on sale, and got some haagen-dazs ice cream bars for a nice calorific treat. And some corn dogs for when I want something filling and junky.

Um, what else did I do today? Listened to audiobooks and podcasts, ate an excellent lunch (a Big Salad and pita bread), did lots of embroidery and knitting. Oh, I got all caught up on Would I Lie To You. Lol. Such a fun show.

On my way to bed just now (yay bed! My favorite place!) I stopped at the kitchen counter to do my new sheet of leg exercises. A gold star for me, please. The “90° stretch for back in corner” note is to remind me of a great upper back and calf stretch that Kristina taught me. You need to stand facing into a corner, then extend your arms out from the shoulders and bend your elbows so your hands are pointing up. Then brace your forearms against the wall and lean into the corner. It’s such a good stretch but BOY is it tiring. I can just barely count to twenty and it leaves me out of breath. Feels great though.

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