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No alarms! That’s one full week during which I only had one nighttime alarm and that was a night that I’m 99% sure I didn’t put in a fully-charged battery when I swapped batteries at bedtime because of the system of lights on the chargers. Long story but I nearly did the same thing on Friday night but caught it in time.

I feel pretty secure in filing The Case of the Mysterious Nighttime False Alarms under SOLVED. If you, too, are having obnoxious false alarms on your Remunity Remodulin pump, try putting a 100% fully-charged battery in EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And also make sure you don’t have any medical equipment phoning home in the middle of the night. That is still a possible contributing factor, since it seemed like the problem improved **slightly** when we unplugged Dave’s CPAP machine.

Now can I finally stop talking about it? Let’s hope so!

Great night of almost solid sleep. Got right up in the morning and had a bath and washed my hair, then did some light tidying and got the roomba to take care of the bathroom, kitchen, and hall. And I dragged the garbage bin to the curb all by myself! It was nearly empty so not too bad a job.

I’ve been listening to two new-to-me podcasts: The History of England Podcast, hosted by David Crowther and History of the Germans, hosted by Dirk Hoffmann-Becking. The England one was recommended by Kevin of my absolute favorite podcast of all time, The History of English Podcast, and I found the German one (which is presented in charmingly-accented English) this morning when it occurred to me maybe I should branch out a bit.

Let’s see… I did needlework for absolutely HOURS today. Working on the Deco Cornflowers kit I got for free. Love it. So delicate.

I did my page of leg exercises once. My god, they’re exhausting. I hope next week I might be able to do the page twice a day, as I’m supposed to.

Grocery store pizza for lunch. Not terrible. It’s hard to ruin pizza. It’s usually edible no matter what. So I’m going to eat some more now while I watch a little Taskmaster and the new BBC bank robbery drama, The Gold.

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