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This morning I was taking my Morning Handful o’ Pills when I remembered that my endocrinologist and I decided last week that I should go back on the liothyronine because my T3 is still ridiculously low. And then the thought struck me — “oh right, I am seriously hyperthyroid and have been for months and months, more than a year probably.” This could totally account for a lot of my weakness and fatigue. Good grief, there are so many things wrong with me, with so many overlapping symptoms, that I’m losing track. No wonder I need to go to bed at like 3pm.

I went off the liothyronine because it seemed like it was causing a lot of afib episodes but I’ve had just as many while I was off it so might as well go back on and hope that SOMEDAY my thyroid function will get closer to normal. They still don’t understand why my T4 and TSH are fine while my T3 is very much not. And when I was on liothyronine (T3) before it didn’t seem to help… but it’s very slow-acting so maybe I wasn’t on it for long enough. Sigh.

Feels like juggling. Throw my beeping medication pump into the air, try to catch the thyroid problem, toss in the constant pain, spin around, deal with night sweats, look out, someone just threw chronic diarrhea into the mix, oh no, call the ambulance for SVT, etc etc etc. It. Never. Ends.

Dave needs to stay in the Bay Area for a few more days for hardware testing so he won’t be home on Saturday and I had to fedex him some extra meds. Poor guy. It’s so awful to live in a hotel room for weeks. I miss him, argh!

I did my whole page of leg exercises this morning BEFORE I got too tired, yay me! And then a lovely social worker came over to help me fill in an Advance Directive and a Power of Attorney. Big-time adulting. I still need to fill in a page of extra instructions (e.g no TV if I’m in a hospital room, no intubation, etc.) and get things notarized but at least she got me started which is the hard part.

Physical therapist will be here tomorrow morning and I’m so proud to be able to report that I only missed one day of my exercises! I think that is pretty great.

I wanted to make soup for lunch but didn’t have the energy. Quesadilla instead.

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