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Weird dreams and sweats last night. Definitely working a little more THC out of my system.

Got right UP in the morning and got my stack of dishes washed and took out the kitchen garbage, which wasn’t very full but was starting to smell a bit. Then my physical therapist came at 9:30, a different Christina this time because they are shuffling employees around but she was just as nice as Kristina last week. She tested my strength, stamina, and endurance in various ways and it seems that I’ve improved a lot in only one week! My legs do feel much stronger and I’m less wobbly. So I’m to keep doing what I’m doing. My pulse oximeter isn’t very accurate compared to hers; mine shows lower o2 saturation and a higher pulse. Frustrating because this is the third one I’ve bought recently. I keep testing them against the good ones at doctors, returning, trying a different one, etc. Now I know that Medline is a good brand, so I’ll try one more time.

Then I sat around and listened to podcasts and did needlework and then I treated myself to a chonkin’ big veggie pizza from the good place down the road. There’s enough pizza now to last me for DAYS, and when I want a change the kitchen is tidy enough for me to make soup.

Five pm now and sleepy.

Oh I finished the audiobook of Richard Osman’s “The Bullet that Missed”, which is the third in his Thursday Murder Club series and just as enjoyable as the first two. He writes such wonderful, believable characters! There was a little interview with him at the end and he said he’s working on a fourth Thursday book, and has plans to start writing an unrelated novel soon, too! I really enjoy his style so that’s excellent news. He name-checks Marian Keyes in every novel too, which tickles me. Everyone loves Marian. <3

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