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Weird night. No alarms but I woke up to pee three times and woke up with nausea a further four times. Bleah. But I felt ok today anyway. I did my page of leg exercises first thing. They’re getting a little bit easier and my legs feel stronger and I’m much less wobbly! I no longer need my walker to steady me as I walk about the house. I think my stamina and oxygen saturation might be slightly better also.

Went to Safeway this morning for more ice cream bars. They’re STUPID expensive but so delicious, and it’s a good way to meter my coffee ice cream consumption. If I buy a thing of coffee ice cream I will eat enough to keep me awake at night, but one ice cream bar in the morning seems to be an acceptable amount of caffeine.

Dave will be home Wednesday evening! Just five more days. Gonna try to stay alive and out of the hospital till then.

Listened to audiobooks and worked on Henry’s cardigan for hours. Finished “The Plague and I” which is Betty MacDonald’s memoir about being a patient in a tuberculosis sanatorium in the 1930s. Sharply witty, as you’d expect, and also a really interesting snapshot of a forgotten time. There is surprisingly little info about TB sanatoriums online, but here’s a wee morsel. Betty’s sanatorium was the complete bed rest, no talking, no reading, nothing but sleeping and breathing fresh air kind, at least for newly-admitted patients. As Betty’s condition improved, she was gradually allowed more activity, starting with reading for fifteen minutes a day and progressing through one trip to the bathroom, meals in the cafeteria, occupational therapy, delivering flowers and supplies to the bed rest patients, etc., until she was cleared to go home after nine months.

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