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Great excitement. It drizzled all day until about 4pm, when it started to snow, real snow, fluffy white flakes. So beautiful! And it stuck, a few inches deep!

And then Dave’s plane landed. And his luggage was delayed because the equipment was iced up. And then he couldn’t book a Lyft or an Uber home because the roads were a snowy nightmare.

So he took the light rail (the Max, there’s a stop near our house) and got as far as his transfer downtown. And then the train got stuck. Meanwhile I’m looking at the traffic map… all routes in and out of downtown BLACK, with accidents every few hundred feet. I thought I’d better see if I could even drive up our hill in the snow so I got the snow cleared off the windshield and crept a few blocks down the street to await further instructions. Then he called and said he’d booked a hotel room! So I crept home again while he hauled his stuff through the snow to the hotel. But then it turned out that though they BOOKED him a room, they did not actually HAVE a room. So I prepared again to drive downtown (it’s 9pm by now and all I want is bed) but then he managed to book a Lyft!

I’m going to bed and trusting that his Lyft will show up, or that he can sleep in the hotel lobby.

Ugh! Of all the nights to get a thick beautiful blanket of snow! I hope it’s still there in the morning so I can enjoy it!

Update: his Lyft canceled. I’m off to Downtown. Wish me luck!

Update again: 10pm, sitting in car about to drive. He calls and says they found him a room! But I’m sitting in the car until he calls FROM A ROOM.

Update again: 10:15pm. He called from a room! (a suite, actually). I’m off to BED, thank goodness!

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