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Yesterday afternoon I did my full page of leg exercises for the first time since the scary tachycardia thing on Saturday night and it absolutely wiped me out. I had to go right to bed and sleep for a couple hours and I never did really wake up all the way.

This morning Physical Therapist Lisa came over and was so kind and encouraging! I’d been feeling awful about needing to skip my exercises but she said not to worry or feel bad, I won’t lose all my progress and I need to listen to my body and only do what’s comfortable. She made me feel so much better and more hopeful! She showed me how to do all my exercises while seated, which saves a lot of energy, and she showed me how I’m still exercising the same muscle groups but not fighting gravity. She also brought me an incentive spirometer to strengthen my lung function! It’s great!

I finished Henry’s cardigan! It’s blocking now. And I made good progress on my new pullover.

Needed a nap this afternoon again, still very much in recovery mode, then spent some happy hours watching the new season of Unforgotten.

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