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Three medication pump false alarms on Tuesday night and two last night. Hmm. Maybe I need to get them to send me a fresh set of batteries?

I did my exercises seated this morning and Dave did them with me. He said he felt more alert afterwards. I hope he joins me again tomorrow. I also used my spirometer a lot today. I think my lung function is already improving. Whether it is or not, I feel really good after doing my breathing exercises, so hooray!

I knitted for 1000 hours today. Will probably separate sleeves from body on my pullover tomorrow.

Made pizza in a cast iron skillet for dinner and it was great! Rough guide — this morning I whipped up a very high hydration dough (1.25 c water to 2.5c flour, plus yeast, salt, brown sugar) and let it sit around on counter all day to develop flavor. Heated oven to 450°, heated cast iron skillet on medium burner, oil and cornmeal in skillet, stretched lump of wet sticky dough out and patted it into place in hot skillet, topped with mixed herbs, sauce, slabs of fresh moz, sprinkle of parm, popped into oven, baked for 15 minutes. Very very tasty! Plenty of dough left in bowl in fridge for a couple more pizzas, too. Henry recommends using the broiler.

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