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Bad pain today. Pain pain pain. It wears me down.

Two alarms last night. Asked the specialty pharmacy to send new batteries — should be here tomorrow.

It was an eating and napping day. Blintzes for breakfast, and then lunch was another slice of the pizza I made yesterday. I think I’ll eat an orange after I write this and then have the rest of my pizza. Earlier I knitted for a while and finished series five of Unforgotten, and then I just went back to bed and lay down for the rest of the day! Oh, and of course I did my leg exercises (seated, while I get my strength back) and my lung exercises. Gosh I love my Incentive Spirometer! I feel so good after that deep breathing.

Dave worked hard today at installing our new keypad door lock. I think he’s nearly finished. He had to go buy a file or something. Once it’s working, not only will I not need to fumble for my house key while juggling my oxygen machine and purse and whatever, I’ll also be able to give the code to any future EMTs so they can get in and rescue me when I have scary tachycardia events and Dave’s not home. Big peace of mind.

A friend suggested dehydration as a possible trigger for the awful SVT episodes, and whether or not it’s a trigger for me it’s good to stay hydrated so I’ve been more mindful about drinking my water lately. It’s easy to forget in cold weather.

Started a new true crime podcast! The Cold Podcast. I’m two episodes in to the first season. Good stuff.

Time to eat and nap some more! :D

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