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We missed several episodes of The Great Pottery Throwdown while Dave was out of town so we’ve been catching up over the last few nights. We’re watching the quarterfinal episode now (radically altered coffee sets and porcelain rice bowls). I think Caitlin has a good chance of winning the whole thing, but everyone is lovely so it really doesn’t matter! Such a very enjoyable competition show. I wish Netflix would pick it up.

I knitted like an electric Nan today and got to the point on my boxy cropped pullover that it might be time for ribbing. Tomorrow I’ll try it on over my dress and find out.

Quite fatigued today so I nearly skipped my exercises but then I did them (seated), so yay me! If I have average or better energy tomorrow, and not too much pain, I’ll try to go back to standing again.

I want a new blackwork project but I don’t really want to buy any new supplies so I have what might be a cunning plan. I have some sheets of Sticky Solvy, which is stuff that feels like interfacing. You can draw or print a design on it. Then you stick it to your fabric and embroider your design, then soak it in water and the stuff dissolves away. So I’m thinking of printing a wee dot grid on a sheet of it. Then I can stick it to any solid-color fabric and work some blackwork over the grid. Maybe make some fancy hankies?

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