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I tried on my pullover over my March dress and it’s PERFECT! Perfectly perfect! I’m thrilled. So I knit the waist ribbing and the sleeve ribbing today. Tomorrow I’ll do the neckline ribbing, weave in the ends, and block it! Pics soon, if I can get a good one.

We are all caught up on the Pottery Showdown. This episode was sinks and tiles. Don’t know why they gave James “potter of the week”. We liked Jon’s so much more than anyone else’s. It’ll be wild if he ends up winning.

I read a chapter of P&P to Dave tonight for the first time since I got sick before Christmas! Lizzy and the Gardiners have just been invited to dine at Pemberly :) And then we watched the first episode of Friday Night Dinner, which I love and hoped he would too, and he did! He thought it was hilarious, yay!

Did a factory reset on my stupid Remunity pump and remote. I doubt it’ll help but I guess there’s a tiny slim remote fraction of a chance…

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