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I reached 800 days of Finnish lessons in Duolingo a few days ago, btw. Olen ahkera nainen.

No pump alarms last night. Coincidence, or the result of the factory reset? Time will tell. Not getting my hopes up. I was awake for a while in the night wondering if the alarm was about to go off. Thanks brain! But then I slept till after 8 and wasn’t really UP-up till after 10. Dave slept better and had a long lie-in too, so we both felt pretty okay today.

I picked up the neckline stitches of my boxy cropped pullover and knit a nice little V neck in 1×1 twisted ribbing. Then I wove in my ends, soaked, and blocked. Should be dry in a couple days and ready to wear.

The Bay Area family asked if they could stay with us if they come to visit during Spring Break! Yes OF COURSE! Very exciting. I hope it happens. I miss my little Em, though she’s not so little anymore. Almost ten and nearly as tall as her mom.

I need a new portable crafting project! Or two or three. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try my Sticky Solvy idea.

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