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Physical therapy today — a reassessment, to see what progress I’ve made, so it was someone new. The PT Bossman, Matt. He was jock-ish and bluff but perfectly pleasant; however, I preferred Kristina, Christina, and Lisa. I think I’ll have Lisa for the next couple weeks until it’s reassessment time again. Matt seemed blown away by my progress, despite my setback! He said I’m “crushing it” and that he’ll need to come up with new tests for my next assessment because I blew today’s tests out of the water. He gave me two new exercises to add to the mix. One where you start seated and stand slowly and sit again. God it’s hard. I can only do three, barely! And the other where you take sideways steps back and forth, three in each direction. That’s not so hard but it’s very tiring. I’m just colossally proud of myself.

NEW DATA in the Ongoing Saga of the False Alarms. No alarms last night. But I think I forgot to mention that when I did the factory reset, I noticed that the internal clock was set incorrectly. It has a 24-hour clock (so 1pm should display as 13:00) and it was set the opposite way, so it was 12 hours off. As I reset it I thought, in passing, huh, I wonder if I’ll get false alarms in the afternoon now? (All my false alarms always happen between about 11pm and 6am, so logically they should now happen between 11am and 6pm, right?)

Guess what? I got a frickin’ false alarm at 2:30 this afternoon!!! It woke me up from a nap but that’s better than being awoken in the middle of the night. And it absolutely proves that the fault is in the software. 100% proof. IT’S NOT ME. I’ve reported it to my specialty pharmacy nurse who says she’ll pass it along to United Therapeutics, who will of course do nothing about it. But they COULD do something if they wanted to. They have the info. I gave it to them on a silver platter.

I made the world’s best soup for dinner and it was so easy. Ten minutes start to finish.

Bok Choi, Mushroom, Ginger, and Dumpling Soup

Three cups of chicken broth; a thing of crimini mushrooms, halved; a small head of baby bok choi, sliced; a big pile of grated ginger; and a box of 6 frozen soup dumplings (pork and ginger) from Trader Joe’s. Simmer about ten minutes or until the veggies are tender and the dumplings are hot (they’re pre-cooked). All the veggies and the ginger were from my organic veg box. Dave and I WOLFED it down! He said it reminded him of soup he’d had in China!

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