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Hello from the OHSU Cardiac ICU. My symptoms didn’t improve overnight so I asked Dave to drive me to OHSU early this morning. They’ve run lots of tests but nothing unusual is popping up so the theory is there’s just too much fluid in me and it’s stressing my heart. So it’s diuretics and endless peeing for me, unless they can think up a better strategy. Frankly, they seem perplexed and have asked me if I have any theories. Lol.

I was in the noisy bustling ED till afternoon but now I’m in a spacious, quiet, private ICU room with a huge window.

I didn’t eat or drink anything this morning so by afternoon I was just famished. It took forever to get permission to eat, then to order food, then to have it delivered — and right then they moved me to the ICU, with a CT scan on the way, and then there was all the palaver of getting me established with my ICU care team etc. My sandwich, green salad, cranberry juice, and three servings of fresh pineapple were just staring at me! But after like an HOUR I finally got a chance to eat and it was so delicious! Just look at this beautiful sandwich. There’s hummus and cheese on it, too, and I got packets of mayo and mustard.

So tired. I expect to be here for a couple of days.

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