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Didn’t sleep last night. Up to pee every hour and if I did fall asleep my o2 fell and the monitors beeped and woke me up. Gah!

Spent most of the day waiting, as one does at the hospital. No food, and worse, no water all day. After much discussion we decided to try to fix my atrial flutter with stronger meds first (ibutilide) then shock tomorrow if it doesn’t work. One of the potential side effects of ibutilide is cardiac arrest, lol, so I had a whole squad of docs and nurses standing around ready to intervene during the 15-minute IV infusion.

They started me on a half-dose because I’m little. It went fine and I definitely started to feel better, but my EKG was inconclusive so, after waiting around for 1000 YEARS, we tried against with the other half. Still feeling better, EKG still inconclusive.

So now I finally finally finally get to eat and drink. They’ll let me try to sleep tonight and reevaluate in the morning. No food or drink after midnight again so I’m hoping to eat at least two dinners tonight. Dinner number one should arrive in less than an hour: chicken soup, grilled cheese with tomatoes on sourdough, three little helpings of pineapple, and two little cranberry juices. (You’re allowed 7 things per meal — one entree and six little sides and extras)

Hoping to order Second Dinner when First Dinner arrives, so I can order before I get full. Probably another cold sandwich because it’ll still taste good if I save it to eat at the last minute. Or PIZZA.

Can you tell how hungry I am?

I’m trying not to drink too much water because I don’t want to pee all night again.

What’s with randos texting “hi”? What on earth can they possibly hope to gain? Go away.

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