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Good morning. I’m hungry, waiting for breakfast to arrive. Yesterday’s menu exploration went very well — a little cheese pizza for lunch was fresh and very tasty, and for dinner I had grilled salmon with roasted red potatoes and a side of spinach. I opted for spinach because the fish came with a lemon wedge and lemon is perfect with spinach. Now we’re not talking a $30 restaurant entrée here, but it was fresh, well-cooked, and tasty! I should have ordered more veggies because I was hungry in the night.

Also my damned MALE night nurse woke me up several times by opening the squeaky door to check on me, despite my doctors’ Do Not Disturb orders, and my plea at bedtime not to. Man did I chew him out when I caught him. I emphasize “male” because guess who didn’t think they knew better than my doctors? Guess who was respectful of my need for uninterrupted sleep? Guess who prevented phlebotomy from waking me up early for labs? Every single female night nurse, that’s who.

Ordinarily the guys are just as awesome as the women. Aaron is just a dud. Hope I don’t have him again tonight.

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