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Woke up too early because I was hungry and excited to see my Lulu, who planned a quick visit today! I took a good bath and washed my hair properly. Put on clean fresh clothes. So pleasant to not be in the hospital anymore.

Lulu and Henry showed up and Lulu got into bed with me, resourcefully bringing our shower seat in from the bathroom to help herself climb into my very tall bed. We had a good cuddle and I read her two stories, and then she brushed my hair and decorated me with red geranium petals.

I was getting my hair done in a salon on a long train journey.

Henry did chores, wonderful boy. He took out trash and recycling, helped Dave move stuff, and swept and swiffered the kitchen and it’s SO CLEAN! Ugh I hate living in a dirty house but we needed to postpone the cleaners this month.

Small girl wore me out entirely. The visit was not short enough, alas, and I am at max sensory input capacity.

Ate and rested, rested and ate.

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