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Managed to strip the guest bed and wash the bedding. It’s sitting in the dryer waiting for tomorrow. I also cleaned the Roomba and took pity on it and ordered it some new rollers and filters and edge-brushes. Poor thing is nearly two years old and is using its original rollers, and has only had one filter change. Maybe it will be less confused by its job with some new parts. Today I told it to do the guest room, so it trucked on down the hall to the door, turned around, went back to its base, and cheerfully told me it had finished. Poor little confused robot.

I lasted a little longer before Crash Time today.

We have an unfinished bathroom connected to the master bedroom, and Dave has decided to give it a functional toilet before our guests arrive on Saturday! I’m so excited! We have a second bathroom downstairs (and a third one downstairs and outside, accessible to the workshop) but neither of us are fond of stairs so this will make life much easier. Plus this new bathroom will have a Toto toilet like our main bathroom. It has a heated seat and washes your butt with a stream of clean warm water. It’s heavenly. Dave misses the Toto when he goes out of town and I missed it when I was in the hospital. And that is another reason we don’t love using the downstairs bathroom. No Toto yet :D

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