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Rough day. Was awakened so many times in the night by various things, then awakened again during naps by various other things. Brain is mush.

Dave has made great progress in the second main floor bathroom! He says we’ll have a functioning toilet tomorrow. He bought a sink and a tap, and has plans for the floor and shower. Very exciting.

I had such a good dinner. I took a chance on a package of De Wafelbakker’s frozen buttermilk pancakes after reading reviews (had to buy a bunch of easy-fix stuff because damn I still can’t do anything but lie here, more or less) and I finally got around to trying them. Wow! They’re great! Just as good as homemade and not too many crappy ingredients. A fair trade for zero-effort pancakes. I ate three pancakes and an all-natural pork breakfast sausage patty (gasp). I know, I know, the planet, the intelligent pigs. :( But I eat almost zero meat and once in a while I want some greasy tasty protein. Sorry planet. Sorry pigs.

Series 15 of Taskmaster started tonight and was excellent as always!

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