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We both had an extremely rough night so today was a rather hard day but oh well, maybe we’ll sleep tonight.

Kirsten and Emma arrived around 2:00, YAY!!! It’s wonderful to see them again. Em is so tall now, and sweet, and articulate, and intelligent, and so lovely. I’m a very proud auntie.

Henry, Jayla, Lulu, and Freyja showed up a bit later and the little girls had a riot playing together. No quarreling, just high-quality Cousin Time. Awesome. There’s nothing like cousins.

Henry went to the grocery store for us, put away the groceries, and moved more heavy things from place to place. We would be absolutely sunk without him. He even moved our beds a few inches apart so that Dave’s back-pain thrashing won’t jounce me awake all night. I hope. Poor Dave. He has such a hard time getting comfortable, and when he raises and lowers the head of his bed, the Bluetooth gets confused and lowers MY bed flat and then I can’t breathe and I dream that I’m dying and wake up gasping for air. So tonight we’re gonna make him some presets. Those just send one quick signal and shouldn’t adjust my angle. I hope. Lord. We need sleep so badly.

I gave Em and Lulu each a beautiful hardback copy of the wonderful new kids’ graphic novel retelling of Beowulf: Bea Wolf, by Weinersmith and Boulet . They were thrilled!

Now they’ve all gone back to Henry’s house. Em will spend the night there (possibly the whole week) and Kirsten will come back here to sleep and spend a quiet day tomorrow.

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  1. Kathy

    That all sounds wonderful (minus the part about the beds and not sleeping well!)

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