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I did my lung exercises tonight. I have a little gadget called a “flutter valve” that you blow into, and the back-pressure is supposed to help open up my lungs and loosen and clear out gunk. And then my other gadget, my inspirometer, helps strengthen my diaphragm and whatever other muscles help me inhale. Tomorrow I hope to do a few of my leg exercises because lordy I’m in BAD SHAPE. Walking so slowly. Ugh.

Dave made us a lovely lunch of sautéed salmon (so tender!) and the “chips” (crinkle-cut fries) that he makes in his deep-fryer. Ok, I admit, I didn’t think we needed a deep-fryer, but the chips he makes are AMAZING. He peels the potatoes, cuts them with his crinkle cutter, and fries them perfectly so they’re lightly crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. I’ve never had such delicious fries. I was wrong! We do need a deep-fryer. But all that hot oil frightens me so Dave gets to do all the frying.

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