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Online therapy with lovely Suzanne. Good. I’m a bit depressed lately but talking with her keeps it from building up too much. I’ll feel better when I feel better.

Ridiculous fatigue but I managed to sit on the sofa long enough to watch Survivor and, big news, I scraped up enough creativity to finish the bookmark I’ve been making for Em. It had stalled at the final hurdle because I couldn’t CREATE. But today I stitched it onto its backing and fringed the edges, so it’s finally finished.

No spoilers, but I forgot to mention Succession. Season 4, Episode 3. You know the ep I’m talking about. Best hour of TV ever made? That middle 20 minutes or so felt like a single long shot, but I thought it couldn’t possibly be. But then the little after-thing on HBO had the creators talking about how they shot that segment scene-by-scene but then ALSO shot it in one long take, with cameras and film rolls hidden around the set. They said they used most of that single take in the final edit.

My god, the acting, writing, and directing were superb.

Life comes at you fast.

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