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Today was slightly better. I wouldn’t say I felt good, exactly, but I felt less horrible. Started working a new blackwork chart that Clare of The Steady Thread sent to me as a get well gift. Awww!!!

Dave went to costco and bought many things, including some hummus in little individual serving tubs! So easy, no need to get a bowl dirty or decide how hungry i am. He also got a loaf of excellent bread, so I had hummus, bread and butter, and cherry tomatoes for dinner. Good nutrition. I’m gonna eat a lot more bread and butter before bed, since that loaf is at its best today. So soft and chewy.

After I hit Publish on this I’ll do my exercises. I skipped lungs yesterday but will do legs and lungs tonight. Right… NOW.

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  1. Kathy

    Go Kara Go! I’m proud of you.

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