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Dave’s friends Peter and Jeralyn (sp?) are so nice! I’m stuck in bed because I Did Too Much this morning, but they are totally understanding and came in to our room say hi and get acquainted. Lovely people.

Yeah so this morning I decided to go OUT to the store for the first time since the hospital. I literally haven’t left the house till today. And instead of going to the small store I went to the big store because they have Dr Oetker’s Chocolate Mousse. And instead of driving an electric cart though the store, I walked for the exercise. This was a huge mistake. I had to walk so slowly, like the slowest 100yo granny in the nursing home. And I had to stop and rest every 20 feet. And oh god it was hard and scary. It felt like I had dived (dove? diven?) to the bottom of the sea. I had my portable oxygen concentrator with me of course but I probably needed ten liters per minute and it only goes up to five, and I had it on three so the battery wouldn’t die. Ughhh I’m in such bad shape, far worse than I even realized. Ugh ugh ugh.

So yeah after I got home I couldn’t even put my one bag of groceries away. I had to go straight to the bedroom and lie down for the rest of the day.

I hope that, in the long run, this too-much-exercise is beneficial. I feel like I’ll have sore muscles tomorrow so maybe I’ll end up a little stronger? Lordy I hope so. So FRUSTRATING.

Henry came over today and mowed the yard and moved heavy things around (all of Dave’s spare clothes are in the basement now YAY) and was so very helpful! We have these two window shades at the head of our bed which were installed stupidly backwards so that the pull-chains were at the inner window frames, so you had to reach all the way to the middle of the bed to raise/lower them. I had the bright idea to swap them so the pull-chains were at the outer edge of the bed, but of course that required climbing onto the bed and fiddling with hardware and drills and screws and pilot holes and whatnot. Too much for us to manage. But Henry did it! Now I can raise my window shade without reaching! It’s so luxurious.

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