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Woke up feeling awful but somehow felt a little bit better as the day progressed. My three-day headache went away, for one thing, and I felt a bit less depressed, and I am very very proud of myself because I did my horrible little exercises and I did them STANDING UP even though it was extremely difficult and tiring and I nearly collapsed afterward. But I did them!

I sat by the window in the living room and worked on my blackwork project, instead of staying in bed all day. And in the evening I sat with Dave and watched terrible TV with him for the first time since Hospital.

Tonight I went to the online library catalog to request a book, and I discovered that they have a “homebound” service which will let me select books to be mailed to me for free! With free return postage and no due date. I’ve printed out the application form and will send it in tomorrow. Sometimes I’m ok to go to the library under my own steam but sometimes I’m very very much not and it would be AMAZING to have a stack of library books show up on my doorstep! This whole last month I could have had endless fresh books.

I’ve been learning insular uncial script. As one does. Man, having an ipad and apple pencil for calligraphy practice sure is luxurious and also saves so much paper.

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