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Horrible sleep last night. Back-to-back anxiety nightmares, drenching night-sweats. Clenched my teeth so hard (despite mouth guard) that I woke up with a splitting headache. Slapped ants off myself all night. UGH.

I was determined to have an ok day anyway. Took a bath and washed my hair first thing, and changed my bedding. I knew if that was all I could do today it would at least help me sleep better tonight.

Did some stitching, read a ton. I’m reading “Special Agent” by Candice DeLong. She’s the FBI profiler and psychiatric nurse who hosts the Killer Psyche podcast. Good stuff, a memoir.

I’ve been diligently practicing my uncial insular script and decided to treat myself to a nice but inexpensive pen and some good notepaper. And some ink. It all arrived today and I’m thrilled. Jetpens is awesome!

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  1. Soozan

    That script is gorgeous. You are really something!!

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