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I really don’t understand any of the Business Stuff in Succession. Board meetings and share prices and hostile takeovers and so forth. But it doesn’t matter. I love watching the Roys do their thing.

Did my exercises today and also helped Dave slice up all the old cardboard to go in the recycling bin. He always cuts it all up into pieces small enough to lie flat in the big wheelie bin, rather than just jamming it in. You can fit a remarkable amount in that way.

When will the ants stop crawling on my bed and me? When? They finally discovered the ant bait a few days ago. They’re supposed to carry it home and poison the whole tribe (Flock? Colony! That’s the word) but so far there is no difference. Ants ants ants crawling crawling crawling.

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  1. Tyah

    For the ants If your bed has legs try rubbing lemon juice or white vinigar on the legs.

  2. Mikegyver

    My wife and I really enjoy listening to your reads on Librvox. Thanks so much!

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