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Slept pretty ok last night despite the ANTS. Ran some errands this morning — New Seasons for hazelnuts at 30% off, and the library to check on my Homebound application. The librarians were so kind! Nick, the guy who runs the Homebound program, will be in tomorrow to process my application, and they said he’d call me when it’s done. I picked up my holds while I was there since they might expire before they get mailed. Not too many to carry, thank goodness.

For the remainder of the day I read, stitched, practiced calligraphy, listened to audiobooks, and goofed around on Mastodon. The #twitter tag has been VERY entertaining lately. Lots of “Twitter Blue” drama. Musk is such a colossal idiot.

I did my leg exercises TWICE tonight. My muscles are trembling.

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