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Today was better! I felt less sleepy and I did some things. Ran errands in the morning — dropped off a box at UPS (returning bad medication pumps to pharmacy) and picked up a few things at Safeway. Ben and Jerry’s was on sale so I splurged on a little container of Peanut Butter Cup and had some of it for breakfast.

It was warm and sunny and beautiful so I sat outside and read for a while, and then I came in and baked a cake! A lemon chiffon cake, and I also made lemon pie filling to fold into whipped cream for the filling between layers. I was very nervous because cake is difficult and I don’t always have success, but it turned out great! Light and fluffy and lemony. The cake itself didn’t have any lemon in it, according to the recipe, just lemon zest and I don’t like lemon zest. So I skipped it and crossed my fingers and replaced a half cup of water with lemon juice and it worked. It took many hours but of course a lot of it was baking time and chilling time and so forth, so it wasn’t too much for me. During waiting periods I lay down and rested and stitched and read.

After it was done and cooled I froze half right away, and split the other half into layers with filling. Here’s an English cutie-pie with half an enormous cake and an enormous spoon. Lol!

Oh the other exciting thing that happened today was I got my first Homebound library book delivery! It arrived in a green canvas zippered bag. Very practical. The tag with my address on it can be reversed to show the library’s address when I’m ready to send it back. I’m thrilled! I won’t need to wait for a “good” day to get fresh books and return the old ones. No more late fines and wasted holds. Thank you, library!

I did my exercises too. Just one set, but I did them. I’ll try for two sets again tomorrow.

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