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Homemade pizza fail! It started well, crust started cooking in cast iron skillet on stovetop, then baked in oven for a bit, but when I switched the oven to “broil” I forgot that our oven won’t let you just switch modes. You need to press START again. So I sat on the floor watching it cook a little bit (residual heat) but not finish, and then I realized. And of course I should have done BAKE for a while again first but I was flustered and went right to BROIL so then the top was beautifully cooked and the crust was raw in the middle. So then I put the skillet back on the stovetop to see if I could get the crust to cook a bit more, and it burned a bit on the bottom and stayed raw in the middle. Lol! Well, honestly, it was still edible, especially the lovely tomatoey-cheesey top. Even bad burned raw pizza is still pizza.

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