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Very early Monday

4:30am, writing from hospital. At ten pm my heart rate jumped up and my oxygen plummeted. Dave drove me to OHSIU at about 1am. No waiting, straight in, all the exams and bloodwork etc. Atrial flutter again. I was more stable than the last time I came in so after some discussion we just went for electric shock cardioversion right away. Sedation is risky for me so they went light and I thought I was awake, if loopy, the whole time. Reader, I was not. I had to ask if they’d done it. They say I said OW! I have zero memory of anything.

My flutter is gone, my vitals are back to normal. Sinus rhythm, 92 bpm, 82% on 3 liters, 101/66 !!!

So hungry. Looking forward to hospital breakfast! (No sarcasm, the food here is great!)

Update: went back into flutter at 6:40am. Not sure what the plan is. Ugh.

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  1. Beth

    Oh, Kara, bad news-good news-bad news. All set to congratulate you on hospital breakfast when I saw your update. Thinking of you & hoping it resolves and you get out of the hospital quickly.

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