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Briefly checking in. Heart ok overnight but jumped up again this morning — hovering around 113 with some 120 and a few quick visits to 150. Ugh.

Plan: they’re trying to schedule me for an ablation tomorrow. Or early next week if they can’t squeeze me into the schedule sooner. I’ll be safe in the hospital till then. For the ablation I’ll be in twilight sleep for three hours while they thread a catheter into my heart and attempt to cauterize the faulty electrical circuit. I’m not worried. It’s very low risk, especially since I won’t be fully anaesthetized.

So weary. Being out of ICU is wonderful in many ways but it means they woke me up for vitals every four hours *eyeroll* I managed to get Do Not Disturb orders placed for tonight.

Yesterday and today I watched the first four episodes of “Love and Death” on HBO. It’s GREAT!!! Can’t wait for ep 5 next Thursday.

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