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Wednesday evening

Heart seems to be in sinus rhythm as near as they can tell. No cardioversion planned! More antibiotics, more diuretics, more observation, then eventually home maybe Sunday or Monday.

We’re out of treatment options. I spoke to the palliative care team and told them I don’t want to come back to the hospital. There’s just no point anymore. Visits are more frequent, of longer duration, more torturous, and of less efficacy. It’s time to call it a day. They’ll set me up with a hospice team whom I can call instead of 911 next time this happens, and they’ll come over and make me comfy at home.

Not sure how much time I have. Does anyone? I should think a few months, with luck. Plenty of time to spend quiet time with family, goof around online, do some knitting and embroidery, bake a few cakes, read some great books… all the things I love to do :D

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  1. pthree

    I’m sorry to hear this kabonk. My only experience with hospice was great. I hope yours is too.


  2. Kathy

    I love you.

  3. Catharine Eastman

    Oh gosh. A hard decision, but I understand. May you have THE BEST TIMES for A LONG TIME!

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