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Sunday morning

I got some sleep and am feeling so much better today. My heart and lungs are behaving. Sinus rhythm, home levels of o2. I sat up in a CHAIR for a couple hours, reading. First time I’ve been able to read in two weeks. I am, however, still retaining fluid like crazy. Big fat puffy legs and feet. Yuck. So we’re upping my dose of diuretics today, by a lot, which should help.

Today is my final day of antibiotics. Food tastes nice again. Kind of tired now from sitting up so I’m back in bed listening to podcasts and doing the crossword. I am hanging in there. Dave is having an angiogram right now to see what’s wrong with him…

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  1. James

    Praise the Lord, still praying for Dave

  2. Beth

    Hooray for sleep and feeling better and sitting up! I’m glad we have you with us for however much time is left. And I really hope things go better with Dave.

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