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Monday morning

Writing early before my Stamina meter goes empty.

Pretty good sleep. Done with antibiotics thank goodness. The nausea should be back to normal levels. Hoping gut flora will grow back soon, ugh. Sipping my hospital prescription kefir — 56 billion probiotics!

I’m still full of fluid. Not only abdomen but legs too, this time. It was really bad a couple days ago but I had big doses of IV diuretics yesterday and I’m down a whole liter! But I still weigh nearly ten pounds more than normal so we’ve got a while to go.

Good news, Dave’s angiogram went well. They found a big blockage and put in a stent. Sounds like he’s feeling much better. He says they’re talking about sending him home soon which, if he is basically self-sufficient, will make everything so much easier, care-wise. I’ve had to get care-givers on deck in case I went home before him, or we were both home but in bad shape. We shall see what the coming days bring… can’t make concrete plans yet in any case.

As soon as he gets home and can bring in packages, I’m gonna order myself a physical copy of the new Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom. I’m hearing rave reviews and it sounds like it will be fun for those of us who aren’t into combat so much. Very excited to have this to play while i rest and heal.

Eager to feel well enough to get back to my blackwork embroidery, too. Not there yet, but maybe in a few days.

I think the plan for today is to rest and get rid of more fluids.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m glad for this update! I fully endorse the Zelda idea! I’ve heard it’s very engaging. So glad the Englishman is doing better too. Phew.

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