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Friday evening

My beloved Uncle Scott flew out from Florida just to visit me! He came over at ten this morning and we shot the breeze for five and a half hours and it was awesome. I haven’t spent time with him since I was a child, when he was a hugely important part of my life, so I never realized how similar we are. We’re both happy with our own company and don’t care to be around other people too much. Both of us were a little nervous about visiting with each other — would we have anything to talk about? He wasn’t sure how sick I am; I wasn’t sure how red-state Jesus-y he is. But it couldn’t have been more wonderful. He’s a unix/linux guy, writes software etc., so he was pretty excited to find out that my favorite text editor is vi and that I still know my shell commands! :D

I honestly can’t believe we chatted so long and it didn’t exhaust me. That’s a vanishingly rare scenario. There are VERY few people I can spend time with, without getting the life force sucked out of me. Now I have one more for the list. And if I weren’t terminally ill, he wouldn’t have rushed out to see me (he’s my first visitor; he jumped on it as soon as he heard) and we might never have had that wonderful time together.

Tomorrow morning the Henry Tribe is coming over to meet Scott. Last night I made lemon pie filling (easy); tonight I made whipped cream/cream cheese frosting (easy) and folded the pie filling in. Light, fluffy, lemony. Tomorrow morning I’ll fill and frost the other half of my lemon chiffon cake to share with everyone. :)

And yes I’ll post the recipes if they turn out tasty!

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  1. Kathy

    That’s awesome. I’m so glad!

  2. Soozan

    Joy is all around you

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